Education Sector Analysis (ESA)

‘The purpose of the sector analysis is not only to provide a description of the situation of the education system based on data and indicators, but also to provide an analysis of successes and weaknesses, and difficulties encountered. The sector analysis relies on existing data and analyses provided by the education management information system (EMIS), additional surveys, and existing research studies. Additional information is collected for the purpose of ESP preparation only for important areas when existing information is not sufficient. The sector analysis included in the plan could be a summary or an update of the main issues identified, drawn from a separate comprehensive sector analysis. To build a strong diagnosis, all key stakeholders should be consulted at various steps of the process so that there is agreement on the key issues, the main determining factors, and the tentative conclusions.’ (IIEP-UNESCO and GPE, 2015: 14).

IIEP-UNESCO; GPE (Global Partnership for Education). 2015. Guidelines for education sector plan preparation. Paris: IIEP-UNESCO. Retrieved from: